黑太陽 王博彥個展

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    1. 場次1:
    2. 日期:2020-02-08 ~ 2020-03-07
    3. 地址:台北市臺北數位藝術中心(台北市士林區福華路180號)
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    「黑太陽」一系列的作品是由三維電腦繪圖所繪製的靜態和動態影像。在三維電繪的作業軟體中,金屬、塑料、木材等各種自然與人造的材質被以貼近現實的方式模擬生成 : 玻璃的折射率是1.5,水則是1.33。光與影,重力,風等自然現象遵循著物理定律而運行。而時間,是一秒24個影格等價換算。在這異質的宇宙時空中,即使是一輪黑日仍舊可以照亮黑暗,存在於內心深處的脆弱、焦慮或是恐懼因而得以展現,並進而與之共處。關於身體,作為現實世界之中感官的載體,在此像是一則隱喻,一介化身或是一個原型,讓情感可以投射或依附。像是日本作家梶井基次郎筆下的主人翁,說故事的人和故事中的人互為表裡。故事中的人手握著一顆象徵著手榴彈的檸檬炸毀了一間書店,說故事的人也因而在現實獲得了拯救。


    在美國生活三年後搬回台灣,在異地時所產生種種文化上、心理上、時空上的斷裂感在回台後不僅沒有消失,反而在身後如同長出的芒刺一般更加顯著。或許也正因如此,得以跟世界保持著一種若即若離的關係,而在意義之海中慢慢找到一根浮木。藉由梶井文學中的雙重性作為一個楔子,從文學、電影以及藝術史中撿拾不同片段,並雜揉自身的生命經驗建構出一幕幕場景,「黑太陽」 晦暗的敘事同時可以是共有而私密的;虛構而真實的;親密而疏離的。


    The Black Sun
    Poyen Wang

    The sunlight outside of the windows falls down like a waterfall, while inside is
    shaded and quiet like a stone room in a cave. The ray of sun breaks in through a slit between curtains, almost like a rope, that can be used to recognize the things in the darkness. A black sun suspends in the sky. Such a black sun is not caused by an eclipse; instead, it exists the way it is like a deep black hole that also shines
    The Black Sun consists of a series of still and moving images made with 3D computer graphics. In the computer software, metal, plastic, wood and all kinds of natural and artificial materials are simulated in a way that mimics reality: the Index of Refraction of glass is 1.5, and of water is 1.33. Light and shadows, gravity and wind, natural phenomena are also governed by the law of physics. And Time is 24 frames a second. In this heterogeneous universe, even a black sun can illuminate the darkness. The vulnerability, anxiety and fear inside the deepest heart can be revealed and processed. As for the body, which is a platform for all sorts of sentiments in the physical world, here it is more like a metaphor, an avatar or an archetype, for the emotions to cling on or project onto. It is like the protagonist from Motojiro Kajii’s literature, the one who tells the story and the one in the story are the faces of the same person. The person in the story who holds a lemon symbolizing a grenade destroys a bookstore, which saves the person who tells the story in reality.
    After moving back to Taiwan from the United States where I lived for three years, the cultural, psychological and physical rupture of being in a foreign place doesn’t recede, but grows and becomes even more obvious. As a result, I am able to remain a certain distance from the outside world, and gradually find a log to hold onto in a sea of meanings. Utilizing the duality in Motojiro Kajii’s literature as a framework, and further collecting vignettes from cinema, literature and art history, I blend them with my own lived experience to construct various tableaux. The ambiguous narrative in The Black Sun is both universal and personal; fictional and authentic; intimate and detached.
    2020, 2/8~3/7

    2/8 15:00
    Opening & Guided Tour

    2/22 14:00-18:00
    Projection Mapping Workshop

    3/7 14:00
    Artist Talk
    Poyen Wang X Jhen-Kai Wang



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