Established in 2000, Arttime is a website ran by Accton Ltd. Arttime contains the technologies of network platforms development and the experience to operate art marketing with professional and diversified services available. It is sincerely expected that this application of novel Internet technological services is able to provide a safe and convenient marketing platform dedicated to artistic creators and arts groups on the Internet.

By using the Internet features of diversified environment, crowd-accumulation and fast-propagating information, Arttime aims to increase the exposure of artistic activities and to trigger the development of local cultural and artistic industries in Taiwan with the goal of integrating artistic and cultural industries, and also their approachability.

To provide a better service for the public, Arttime had been reinvented twice in 2008 and 2015. We decided to focus our efforts on helping artistic and cultural groups in the affairs of artistic and cultural promotion and propagation. We especially re-organize webpages and membership functions with more convenient operations allowable for all the users.

Members also can enjoy much more favorable service in both artistic and cultural events. In addition, it is also opportune for the public together with arts groups to search for and catch the latest news about artistic and cultural events.